Rais Gusmanov specialist of osteopathic system of massage


25 years of experience of official massage practice, Rehabilitation State University Higher Education, Physical and Sport State University Higher Education, and Poltava State’s Base Medical college Education.

The license MOZ of Ukraine of AЕ № 459896 of 17.04.2014.

  т. +38 (050) 208-2-209        +38 (067) 847-83-84


Balanced combination
with applications by volcanic stones
and «Poltavsky Bishofit»

Common problems could be treated by expert of Osteopathic massage system:


    • Osteochondroses
    • Pains
    • Osteoporosis, Hernias
    • Migraines, dizzinesses, trochee
    • Dream violations
    • Hypertensive illness
    • Pancreatitis
    • Violations of a vermicular movement of intestines
    • Overweight




Morning exercises

Rais Gusmanov gives classes of Chinese improving gymnastics Qiang Zhuang Gong (exercises for the general strengthening) Free of charge for all comers.
Morning from 7.20 till 8.20


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